The Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA) would like to assure the public that there is continued seamless flow of fuel into the country and diligent monitoring of all factors that affect fuel prices.

The country continues to enjoy healthy fuel stock levels and importers have adequate fuel stock balances with their international suppliers from all ports of Beira, Nacala and Dar es Salaam.

Furthermore, MERA continues to monitor international prices and the performance of the Kwacha against the United States Dollar which are the two key factors that impact on fuel prices.

Since the establishment of the ruling pump prices in March 2021, the landed costs of Petrol Diesel and Paraffin have increased by 23.51%, 16.03% and 16.37% respectively. In addition, as at 2nd August 2021, the Price Stabilisation Fund balances for Petrol Diesel and Paraffin averaged K1.7 billion against the recommended minimum of K5 billion.

The MERA Board will consider these factors as well as other economic factors to ensure continued security of fuel supply and where possible minimise pressure on consumers.

MERA will continue to exercise transparency and update the public when the review of prices is finalised.

Therefore, MERA would like to encourage the public to ignore unverified reports on fuel supply and prices.

For more information contact:

The Acting Chief Executive Officer

Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority

Private Bag B-496, LILONGWE 3


Tel: 01 774 103/135 or 01 775 810