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Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA), as the Energy Sector-regulator has the following functions:

  • Receive and process licence applications for energy undertakings;
  • Grant, revoke or amend licences under the Act and Energy Laws;
  • Approve tariffs and prices of energy sales and services;
  • Monitor and enforce compliance by licensees with licensing conditions granted under the Act and the Energy Laws;
  • Develop and enforce performance and safety standards for energy exploitation, production, transportation and distribution;
  • Prescribe and collect fees, charges, levies or rates under this Act and Energy Laws;
  • Arbitrate commercial disputes under the Act and Energy Laws and do all such things as are necessary or incidental or conducive to the better carrying out of the functions of the Authority provided for in the Act and Energy Laws;
  • Promote the interest of consumers of energy with respect to energy prices and charges and the continuity and quality of energy;
  • Monitor the efficiency and performance of energy undertakings, having regard to the purpose for which they were established;
  • In conjunction with other relevant agencies, monitor the levels and structures of competition within the energy sector in order that competition in and accessibility to the energy sector in
  • Malawi should be promoted;
  • Facilitate increasing access to energy supplies;
  • Promote energy efficiency and energy savings;
  • Promote consumer awareness and education;
  • Promote the integrity and sustainability of energy undertakings and seek to ensure that energy undertakings, whilst providing efficient service, are able to finance the carrying on of the activities which they are licensed or authorized to carry on;
  • In conjunction with other relevant agencies, formulate measures to minimize the environmental impact of the exploitation, production, transportation, storage, supply and use of energy and enforce such measures by the inclusion of appropriate conditions to licences held by energy undertakings;
  • Promote the exploitation of renewable energy resources; and Take all such measures as are necessary to fulfil the above purposes through regulations to be made under this Act or the Energy Laws.