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Type of information required when lodging a complaint

Information supplied by a complainant will be used as the starting point for investigations. It is advisable that as much information as possible is made available by the complainant. The consumer may be contacted further to clarify details or to request additional information where necessary.

The following information is required when lodging a complaint:

  • The full name, contact details and account number (where applicable) of the complainant.
  • The licensee against whom the complaint is made.
  • Details of prior contact with the service provider.
  • Details of the complaint, together with copies of any document in support of the complaint.
  • The nature of the injustice or harm that the complainant has suffered as a result of the action, inaction or omission of undertaking against whom the complaint is made.
  • Any other matter relevant to the complaint.
  • Where the person who lodges a complaint is acting on behalf of another person, company or organization, he/she must state in writing the capacity in which he/she is acting, and the reason for doing so.