The Malawi Government undertook reforms in the Energy Sector that led to unbundling of the Electricity Supply Industry (ESI). Among others, the aims of the unbundling of the ESI were to attract private sector investment into the energy sector and promote efficiency at various levels of the industry. The unbundled industry introduced a new power market structure with specific functions of electricity generation, transmission, importation, exportation, distribution, single buying and system and market operation.

The unbundled ESI came into effect at the passing of the Electricity Amendment Act of 2016 and led to the introduction   of two new licences namely Single Buyer (SB) and System and Market Operator (SMO). The functions of SB and SMO were placed in Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi Limited (ESCOM) while waiting for the establishment of specific companies for the functions. Upon establishing the specific companies, the said functions were to be transferred to the respective established companies. A company called Power Market Limited (PML) has been established to undertake the functions of Single Buyer. The establishment of PML necessitates the transfer of Single Buyer functions from ESCOM to PML.

An application for the issuance of a Single Buyer licence has been made by Power Market Limited, a company incorporated in Malawi, whose address is Private Bag 30990, Lilongwe 3 jointly with ESCOM of P.O. Box 2047, Blantyre.

The application is for the issuance of a licence for buying of electricity from generators within and outside Malawi and selling to distributors and large customers within Malawi and exporting outside Malawi.

The following information pertaining to this licence application shall be made available for physical inspection by any interested parties during normal working hours at Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA), Second Floor, Development House, City Centre, Lilongwe:

  1. A certificate of incorporation
  2. Taxpayer Registration
  3. Memorandum and Articles of association

Any person desiring to object to this application should lodge a written objection with Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority within thirty days from the date hereof in a format prescribed in Form EA4 contained in the second schedule to the Electricity by-laws of 2012. The form is available on the MERA website All objections should be addressed to the following:

         The Acting Chief Executive Officer

         Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority

         Second Floor Development House

         Private Bag B-496

         Lilongwe 3