The Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA) has noted with concern an increase in fuel trading malpractices which are undermining efforts to ensure fair access to fuel amidst fuel supply constraints caused by foreign exchange challenges.

Fuel Service Stations are reminded that selling fuel in jerrycans, drums and other such containers without authorisation from MERA is not allowed. In addition, it is illegal to sell fuel above maximum retail prices set by the regulator which currently are at K1,746.00 per litre for Petrol and K1,920.00 per litre for Diesel.  Any Fuel Service Station found engaging in illegal trading practices risks suspension or revocation of their licence.

All Fuel Service Stations are urged to exercise responsibility and comply with the Energy Laws, regulations, licencing conditions and measures stipulated by MERA.

MERA would like to thank and request stakeholders and the general public for their continued cooperation and support. Please report any illegal fuel trading practices to the nearest Police Station or call toll-free Tip-Offs Anonymous 847 or call MERA on 09 9255 8564 or 0888 865 686 or email: .