The Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA) has noted with concern an increase in illegal fuel storage. This does not only violate the law but also endangers lives and property.

The Liquid Fuels and Gas Regulations of 2009 provide that a person who wishes to store fuel for commercial purposes shall first register with MERA and comply with standards for storage of liquid fuels and gas. This limitation does not apply to the storage of paraffin.

A Registration Certificateis issued to private generators that comply with the minimum standards upon submission of an application form and payment of applicable fees of MK100 per kilovolt-ampere (kVA) with a minimum of Three Thousand Kwacha for generators of capacity range of 20kVA – 30kVA. Where private generators are used as a baseload the fee is MK150 per kVA.

Private generation facilities that are below 20kVA are required to be declared to MERA. This declaration does not attract any fee.

Cognisant that some customers and consumers may need fuel for other purposes for equipment and machinery that cannot be taken to a retail outlet for refueling, MERA has considered a temporary waiver to allow buying of up to twenty litres of fuel in safe containers (purpose-manufactured jerry cans and drums) without making a declaration to MERA. The fuel is expected to be transferred into the intended machinery and therefore the containers should not be used as fuel storage facilities. 

The public and operators of fuel retail and wholesale outlets are reminded that those contravening the law will be liable to a fine or risk closure of the fuel retail or wholesale outlet under the Liquid Fuels and Gas (Production and Supply) Act.

MERA would like to thank and request stakeholders and the general public for their continued cooperation and support.

For more information, please call or WhatsApp 09 9255 8564 or 09 9572 2846