The Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA) would like to advise stakeholders and the general public that the average electricity tariff remains K104.46 per kilowatt hour.

The story published by The Nation newspaper of 21st June 2022 insinuating that the electricity tariff has been revised left out the following important details:

  1. The 2018-2022 electricity base tariff determined in October 2018 was segmented into four annual tranches as follows: 20%, 7%, -3%, and 10% tariff adjustment for the first, second, third and fourth years, respectively.
  • The 2021/2022 fiscal year is the fourth and final year of implementing the 2018-2022 base tariff and as with the previous years, ESCOM’s performance against agreed upon Key Performance had to be scrutinized to determine the applicability of the fourth base tariff tranche.
  • Last year, the MERA Board determined that based on performance ESCOM qualified for 4.17% instead of 10% tariff adjustment and that the increase was pended.
  • A final determination on the implementation of the fourth tariff tranche is yet to be made.

MERA will always keep stakeholders and the general public informed of developments in energy regulation.

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