The Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA) directed the suspension of operations at Mtunthama Super Sink Fuel Service Station located in Kasungu for thirty days effective 28 August 2023 for selling fuel to customers in jerrycans without authorisation.  

MERA investigated consumers complaints and confirmed that the Service Station was selling fuel to customers in jerrycans without authorisation from the energy regulator. Further, the fuel attendants were unable to justify storage of jerrycans in one of the rooms at the Service Station. The Service Station’s conduct undermined efforts to equitable distribution and access of fuel to the public and is a serious violation of the Liquid Fuels and Gas Act.

Lifting of the suspension will be subject to satisfactory implementation of measures taken to avoid reoccurrence of the malpractice.

Consumers are urged to report retailers of petroleum products suspected of engaging in illegal and unscrupulous practices to the nearest Police Station or call toll-free Tip- Offs Anonymous 847 or call MERA on 09 9255 8564 or 09 8906 1870 or Email: